Modesty is a small front end company located in Södermalm in Stockholm and was founded in 2008. SInce then we have been working with clients such as: Vodafone, Bonnier, MTG, Folksam, Avanza, Cabonline, Dice, Star Stable, MrGreen and Arisocrat Lotteries among others.



Modesty offers front end services at competitive pricing:

We work mainly with the following technologies:
• AngularJS
• JQuery
• Spring MVC
• Android
• iOS
• JavaScript

• C++
• Unity

We offer both people on site at your facilities and take on full projects at our office in the centre of Stockholm as well.


Typically we receive a brief that we discuss with the client in order to make sure that we're on the same page. After that we send over a tender based on the above.
During the project the client is always in the loop and get status updates daily, if required.



Glasbruksgatan 36, 2tr.
116 20 Stockholm

Phone: +46 (0)8 570 299 60


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